10 Foods You Consume That Are Filled With Toxins

Here are 10 of such foods that you may or may not be consuming that are filled with toxins.

#10 Diet Soda

Most if not all of us have had diet soda at some point. The artificial sweeteners and other chemicals added to make this drink tasty and fizzy are bad for you.

#9 Canned Foods

Two major things cause canned foods to be bad for you. The BPA chemical “bisphenol A” found in the can is harmful. The other is the chemicals used to keep the contents fresh for long periods of time. These chemical are very harmful.

#8 Hotdogs

Yes its true, hotdogs are very toxic and its due to the process it goes through to be made. Despite being a well loved product it is very harmful to the body.

#7 Most Packaged Snacks

Snacks like potato chips and corned curls are bad for you and are full of toxins. It is usually said that anything that doesn’t grow on a tree is bad for you. The issue is that the foods mentioned here have left their original state to become a more fake food of themselves.

#6 Most Fruits

Many of the fruits bought in the supermarkets have become tainted with many pesticides. The fruit of itself is great for human consumption but pesticides have made that a very dangerous thing to do.Growing your own fruits would be a much better option.

#5 Most Leafy Greens

Most leafy greens face the same dilemma as the fruits we consume. Due to the many insects that attack greens like lettuce, they are protected by lacing them with pesticides. These chemicals kill as they are unnatural and not for human consumption.

#4 Bottled Water

Water is great for the body, unfortunately the way it is consumed by most of us is harmful. Plastic bottles are bad for storing water as the harmful chemical BPA is found in plastic bottles.

#3 Pork

Pork may be a meat many people love because of its taste but is loaded with toxins. It is said the pig doesn’t sweat and digest it food quickly. These two attributes along with the fact it eats pretty much anything makes it a walking toxin.

#2 Non Organic Chicken

The safest foods to eat are definitely the ones you grow or raise. However to do so requires the knowledge necessary to have healthy produce. Chicken raised on large scales for consumption are very bad for you. The main issue is what the chickens are being fed to make them grow really quickly.

#1 Brown Rice

Surprisingly brown rice is really terrible for consumption. Yet again it is how the product is grown and maintained. What should be a healthy alternative from white rice is a possible danger to your health.