5 Unexpected Ways To Potentially Add Years To Your Life

1. Getting The Correct Amount Of Sleep.

On average people spend one-third of their life sleeping, sleep is vital for staying physically and mentally healthy. However, it has to be the correct amount of sleep as too little or too much sleep can turn out harmful. Seven to Eight hours of sleep is optimal, but children and adolescents require more and senior citizens can survive on much less, but those reaching this goal maximize on the health benefits.

2. An Injection Of Young Blood.

Researchers have discovered that the blood of a healthy young mouse has astonishing rejuvenating effects on older mice. The brain function improves, organs throughout the body become more efficient and tissues repair themselves faster. Scientists believe that performing similar blood transfusions in humans might produce very similar results.

3. Being A Pet Owner.

Evidence over the years suggest that pet owners tend to live longer, healthier lives than non pet owners. Owners of dogs normally reap the rewards of regular exercise but the benefits go much deeper than that and stretch across pet species. Owners of cats are said to have reduce cases of high blood pressure and the risk of a heart attack is cut down by almost one-third.

4. A Healthy Social Life.

Humans are social creatures and those who have consistent contact with friends and family are considered more likely to live a longer life. It’s well known that social interaction is important for mental health. A busy social life has been linked to physical benefits such as lower blood pressure and a boost to the immune system.

5. Brushing And Flossing.

Studies have linked regular brushing and flossing to a reduction in the risk of dementia, diabetes, lung disease, and in particular heart disease. This seems weird that dental hygiene such an impact on general health,
When plaque is allowed to build-up around the teeth, it becomes the habitat of bacteria. This bacteria if it finds its way into your bloodstream, they are free to hitch a lift around the body.