Do You Like Shoes? 10 Most Expensive In The World

#1 Nike Mag
Price: $28,000

It took Nike about 27 years to make an auto-lacing shoe like the pair that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future. Since only 100 pairs were made, they sell for over $28,000.

#2 Gucci Fur Slippers
Price: $1,800

It’ll cost you about $1,800 to look like you’re walking around with living creatures on your feet.

#3 Adidas Pharrell Human Race NMD “Friends and Family”
Price: $8,000

Although the best version of Pharrell’s NMD shoes didn’t release publicly, if you managed to get your hands on them it would cost you about $8,000.

#4 Adidas NMD “Pitch Black”
Price: $3,000

With only 500 pairs ever produced this sneaker goes for around $3,000.

#5 Gucci Spike Loafer
Price: $2,000

These crazy looking loafers cost $2,000.

#6 Nike Air Force One By Prryya & Chintan’s Couture and Jewelry
Price: $50,000

Studded with diamonds and gold, these shoes earn their $50,000 price tag.

#7 Rick Owens x Adidas Mastodon
Price: $2,000

As strange as they look, these creations will set you back about $2,000.

#8 Autographed Kobe Air Zoom
Price: $30,000

Kobe’s signature alone jacks the price up to $30,000.

#9 Rick Owens ‘GeoBasket’
Price: $6,000

Popular among celebrities like Madonna, these shoes cost nearly $6,000.

#10 Alexander McQueen Hobnail Ankle Boots
Price: $4,000

These embroidered ankle boots by British designer Alexander McQueen go for about $4,000.