Cat Litter Trapper Mat – Our Top 5 Picks

cat litter trapper matA cat litter trapper mat is a wonderful piece of merchandise to buy to keep your home clean. The purpose of this mat is to keep the paws of your cat clean. So when leaving the outdoors for the indoors, your cat leaves whatever it picks up on the mat.

This mat will prove ideal. It will eliminate the extra house cleaning and keep your cat cleaner in at it’s feet. Your bed, clothes,carpet or hardwood fair much better. Wherever in the house suffers from your cat’s extra dirt, the cat litter trapper mat eliminates that.

1Large Cat Litter Trapper MatSlipToGripCat Litter Trapper Mat$24.95
2LePet Cat Litter Mat XLLePetCat Litter Trapper Mat$20.91
3The Original GORILLA GRIP XLHills Point IndustriesCat Litter Trapper Mat$15.99
4Small Cat Litter TrapperiPrimioCat Litter Trapper Mat$27.95
5wangstar Pet Cat Litter Mat wangstarCat Litter Trapper Mat$8.19
SaleBestseller No. 1Bestseller No. 1
Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat With Exclusive Urine/Waterproof Layer. Larger Holes with Urine Puppy Pad Option for Messy Cats. Soft on Paws and Light. By iPrimio. (Black Color)
  • Traps litter from cats paws and litter from box. Litter falls through extra large holes (larger than competition).
  • We manufactured into our TRAPPER MAT an EXCLUSIVE PLASTIC FILM. It repels urine - other mats "CLAIM" this, but they DON'T. Patent Pending.
  • Super light. Black Color. For Really Messy Cats be sure to use Puppy Pads as they soak excessive urine - avoid urine around nylon mesh located on perimeter of the mat. This outside nylon border may absorb urine if excessive.
  • Super smooth surface - doesn't bother cat paws like other mats. XL Size 30 Inches Long. 23 Inches Wide
  • EZ Open Edge allows for easy cleaning under sink head, shower head, or shake off. Size is 30 inches by 23 inches. There is NOW a JUMBO VERSION available search JUMBO Cat Litter Trapper and SMALL version.
SaleBestseller No. 2Bestseller No. 2
LePet Cat Litter Mat XL Double-Layer Honeycomb Cat Litter Trapper with Waterproof Base Layer ECO-friendly Light Weight EVA Foam Rubber (27 x 23 inches)
  • Perfect XL 27'' x 23'' stomping area, catering for feline friends big and small
  • Large and deep holes trap litter from box and cat paws, saving your unnecessary cleaning time.
  • Waterproof base layer keeps urine off the floor - For Really Messy Cats be sure to use Puppy Pads as they soak excessive urine - avoid urine around nylon mesh located on perimeter of the mat. This outside nylon border may absorb urine if excessive.
  • Made of light weight, durable and Eco-friendly EVA foam rubber
  • Easy to clean: simply pour out litter or dump it back into litter box (saves money) , then rinse and replace - Voila it is OK back to Cat Time
SaleBestseller No. 3Bestseller No. 3
The Original GORILLA GRIP XL Cat Litter Mat, Phthalate Free, 35" x 23", Traps Litter from Box, Best Scatter Control, Easy to Clean, Soft on Paws (Extra Large: Gray)
  • CAPTURES LITTER: YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS MAT!! Our technologically advanced mat features deep grooves and superior mesh to capture litter (both kicked out and stuck to furry paws) better than other mats on the market. Also, our large and generous design (35" x 23") means less sweeping around the cat box.
  • GUARANTEED DURABILITY: GORILLA GRIP means you are getting tough design, durability, and long-lasting effectiveness.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT: Our Gorilla Grip slip-resistant backing keeps your cat litter mat in place. That means the mess stays in the mat, not on your floors.
  • GENTLE AND SAFE: Your furry friend deserves the best! Many other mats use rough materials that cats quickly learn to avoid. Our premium comfort mat is phthalate free (pet lovers know this is a must). And our super soft material is gentle on sensitive paws and makes the perfect spot for an afternoon snooze.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply shake off, vacuum, or soap up and rinse down. Your mat will be good as new.
SaleBestseller No. 4Bestseller No. 4
Pieviev Cat Box Mat 2-Layer Litter-Trapping Pad (30"×24")
  • Dual-structure dual-structured mat prevents your kitty litter from being tracked everywhere at the first step on the upper surface the round-shaped upper mat meets the footprints of your cat softly with taking the dirt down to the lower mat.
  • Cat mat takes only water to clean up all the dirt simply to renew easy cleaning proudly cat mat guarantees the easy cleaning of litter with fast and comfort its pocket-formed dual-structure only needs to shake off.
  • Made of durable EVA material. Gentle non-toxic foam rubber EVA mat.
  • Good strong, dynamic stability, scratch-free, price-worthy to buy.
  • Super Light:Only 1.3 lbs.Extra Large Size:30" x 24" .Dark Gray color.
SaleBestseller No. 5Bestseller No. 5
Cat Fab Cat Litter Mat, Extra Large Size Litter Box Mat Traps Kitty Litter For Easy Clean Up
  • ♥ Keep Your Home Space Clean - Double layer pocket design effectively traps and holds more kitty litter than other cat litter rugs.
  • ♥ Save Time - Our litter mats catch more litter and hold it, so that means less time sweeping your floors.
  • ♥ Save Money - Reuse your clean litter by pouring it back into your cat box.
  • ♥ Light Weight Material - Easy pick up and dump litter in box or trash.
  • ♥ Compliments Your Décor - Neutral Slate Gray color, and 30" X 23 inches fits in any space.

Choosing A Cat Litter Trapper Mat

The Easyology was made to work just like it’s name, “easy”. It is a well made mat will keep your cat clean and healthy. You can get a mat large enough to cover the necessary area which then provide you with a cleaner home.

The Blackhole has two layers, convex to top and concave ‘bubbles’ over the concave. This type of surface makes the mat soft to the touch. The design allows litter to be easily removed from the cat’s paws. The mat has an opening on one side, this makes cleaning the mat an easy process.

The iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper is made up of many layers. The last layer at the bottom prevents leaks. The Blackhole Kitty Litter Mat and the iPrimio share some similarities. The iPrimio carries larger hole at the top for easier cleaning. The iPrimio can be open on multiple ends. The mats design enables you to make additional addons like a pee tray if you think it necessary.

Why Buy A Cat Litter Trapper Mat

If you want a clean cat and a clean house, yes buy one. Cats constantly rid themselves of hair and other particles that get trapped in their paws. Any cat owner will definitely benefit from having a cat litter trapper mat. That is why you not only need a cat litter trapper mat, but the best money can buy!

Just remember your cat will leave dirt around no matter what. The mat can eliminate the need for untimely messes. You don’t need to be cleaning your furniture or clothes unnecessarily if you plan ahead. This is where an excellent cat mat makes all the difference . You control your surroundings. Your cat is happy and so are you, but you the rules.

Will Your Cat Love Its New Litter Trapper Mat

Cats usually love attention, both you and your cat will benefit from the litter trapper mat. It’s easy to use and easier to clean. Buying one for you cat shows him or her your love for them, that you are thinking about their health. Your cat remains clean and healthy and the house remains clean, keeping you healthy.

Most mats carry a nice soft comfortable surface that your cat will love. This alone is enough of a reason for your cat to love it’s litter trapper mat.