9 Things You Should Never Put In The Trash

1. Cardboard

Cardboard is recyclable, including the cardboard boxes received from ordering items online, or the moving boxes. Instead of purchasing cardboard boxes from the hardware store, try asking the local grocery stores when their shipments arrive, inquire whether they have old boxes than can be used.

2. Plastic

Of the estimated 8.3 billion tons of plastic ever manufactured, most, if not all, still exists in some form today, because it is nearly impossible to break down – which means it should never be thrown away. Plastic isn’t biodegradable, which means they take hundreds of years to decompose, and they are considered the number one source of marine debris.

3. Paper

Approximately 26{7bffeda5342ac81ce8ce9597ed6eb91e7337560331e73e737396bca8e065c71f} of all the waste in the US can be attributed to paper and paperboard; this includes items like newspapers, paper files from around the office, all of these should be recycled, not trashed.

4. Leftover Food

Wasted food is the single largest component in landfills, roughly 50{7bffeda5342ac81ce8ce9597ed6eb91e7337560331e73e737396bca8e065c71f} of all produce in the US is tossed annually. Try to only buy and prepare as much food as you require, then donate what you don’t need to a food bank.

5. Aluminum

The Aluminum Association posits that Americans throw away nearly $1 billion worth of aluminum cans every year, even though recycling one aluminum can massive amounts of energy.

6. VHS Tapes

These are very tricky to dispose of and considered obsolete. The outer casing of the tapes are made from plastic and can be recycled. The inner component of the tape is expensive to recycle and should be re-purposed or disposed of.

7. Bras

The Bra Recyclers will take your old used bras and re-purpose them and donate them to ladies that has escaped from domestic violence, drug addiction, human trafficking and/or surviving from breast cancer.

8. Batteries

Recycling of batteries is still recommended although they aren’t being made of lead, mercury, nickle or cadmium. If you find yourself in possession of a car battery, regular batteries, or rechargeable batteries, take them to a collection site or donate them.

9. Glass

Glass is 100{7bffeda5342ac81ce8ce9597ed6eb91e7337560331e73e737396bca8e065c71f} recyclable, it can be recycled continually, with no loss of purity or quality – it should never be thrown in the trash.