9 Benefits Of Drinking From A Copper Cup

1. Kills Bacteria

Many serious types of bacteria don’t stand a chance on a copper surface. This means that you are guaranteed a safer drinking apparatus if you use a copper cup. Bacteria such as E coli have been known to lose the fight with copper.

2. Stimulates The Brain

Anything that helps your brain to work more efficient is a plus in my book. In fact your brain cold suffer if it doesn’t get enough copper, imagine that!

3. Regulate Thyroid Gland Function

Research shows that copper and zinc helps with the overall good health of your thyroid gland. Copper is known to help the hormone levels that keep the thyroid at its optimum.

4.Arthritis Pain

Now I understand why copper gloves and other copper garments do such a great job with arthritis. If you are consuming liquids regularly from a copper cup, it will do wonders for your arthritis. The constant intake helps soothe the pain.

5. Skin Health

Your skin receives a boost when you consume water and other fluids regularly from a copper cup. It has been proven that two components in copper help with the proteins that regulates and helps skin health.

6. Improve Digestion

When a person’s digestion goes whack it could leave them very uncomfortable. You would be surprised to know that copper can help, just keep drinking from our copper cup and you will notice the difference.

7. Slows Aging

Surprise, surprise, copper can help slow down aging however insignificant it may be. Copper peptides help with collagen which in turn helps with wrinkles. No wrinkles mean a younger looking you.

8. Beat Anemia

If you want to beat anemia then copper may be your friend. One pf the causes pf anemia is copper deficiency. This alone should tell you that to reverse the issue you need a bigger intake of copper.

9. Heart Disease

Research shows that a decent amount of copper in the diet can help the heart as its helpful in forming red blood cells. Copper is known to help with iron absorption.