8 Ways Yoga Strengthens Your Body

Yoga is a practice with thousands of years of history. It was passed on from generation to generation. Until now, it is still very popular not only in promoting harmony between the body and mind but also in proper posture and breathing, as well as in strengthening the body. In fact, many people prefer practicing yoga than hitting the gym to keep themselves healthy and fit.

Here are ways in which this type of exercise and meditation helps strengthen the human body:

It Makes the Muscles and Bones Stronger

Contrary to the belief of some people, lifting weights is not the only way to build muscles and make them stronger. The truth is, practicing yoga can help achieve that too. Take note that this exercise involves various poses that can target the different muscle groups in your body.

Asanas like downward-facing dog, plank, and even the simple tree or mountain pose challenge you to balance and lift your own weight. This alone can already work on your muscles. Not only that, but your bones will also get stronger as long as you do yoga regularly.

It Helps Tone Your Muscles

Like what we have mentioned above, yoga targets the major muscle groups in the human body, and that right there can aid in building lean muscles. If you start executing some poses for about 15 to 30 minutes every day, you will certainly see a huge improvement in your muscles as well as your figure pretty soon.

It Boosts Your Stamina

In order for you to achieve work-life balance, you must have the stamina, and this is another thing that yoga can help you with. After a yoga session, you will feel more energized. Asanas such as the boat, goddess, crane, bridge, and lotus pose are highly recommended for enhancing stamina.

It Can Reduce Chronic Pain

Chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis, migraine, and fibromyalgia, can limit your body movements. This hinders you from doing your daily tasks properly. According to some studies, a weekly yoga class can help increase mobility. In fact, the effects could even be better than that of going to the gym. Aside from it can improve your daily functioning, it will enhance your mood as well.

It Promotes Quality Sleep

If you have insomnia or have been restless for the past few nights, yoga asanas like happy baby, wide knee child’s pose, and restorative bridge and reclining bound angle pose, will certainly stretch your way to getting a great night’s sleep. The better you rest, the stronger you would feel when you wake up.

It Improves Balance and Flexibility

You might not be aware, but balance is something that you can practice through meditation exercises like yoga. With the various positions that this exercise involves, you can achieve a better connection between your mind and body. And physically-wise, these poses improve your flexibility.

It Improves Your Endurance and Overall Strength

Being strong is not just being able to carry heavy things but also how you can endure different types of movements in a certain period of time. This is another thing that yoga can train you to do. With regular yoga practice, you can improve your endurance and overall strength in no time.

It Encourages You to Stick to a Healthy Diet

In order for you to maintain your strength, you have to eat the right group of food. And once you incorporate yoga in your day-to-day activities, you will be encouraged to stick to a healthy diet. This will allow you to maximize the benefits of this form of exercise.