7 Tweets That Know Exactly What You’re Thinking

1 Why Mom, I don’t Want To?

Calling others and thanking them for gifts doesn’t come naturally. It is even harder if you are a kid.

2 Is It Ok To Be Excited

Getting excited isn’t limited to any age it seems. What excites you will make you exclaim and show excitement.

3 Perception Takes The Cake

How we view things makes all the difference even if we are fooling ourselves. Give me free shipping or I shop elsewhere!

4 You Better Read Between The Lines

Getting a straight answer is usually the first sign there aren’t interested. If you don’t get it now maybe you will eventually.

5 Am I Broke

Maybe there is still something on this thing, at least I hope there is. Well here goes….. don’t shame me now!

5 These Feeling Though

Mixed feelings can be such a bother, you just don’t know which one works best for the situation. Is there any getting use to this?

7 Enough Already

Is there really a need to be constantly going, can’t I just chill today and do nothing? Too many expectations, give me a break.