5 Symptoms Of Brain Tumors Not To Ignore

1. Headaches That Are Getting Worse.

In a previously healthy person, headaches that are intensifying in frequency and pain — especially when associated with nausea and vomiting — are the most common symptom. They can be splitting or less severe, but stick around a long time. That suggests there’s elevated pressure inside the skull, which could indicate there’s something growing in the brain.

2. Weakness, Numbness Or Balance Problems.

A person may suddenly have difficulty walking or maintaining their equilibrium. You may notice motor changes on one side of the body or one limb. That can manifest as clumsiness — perhaps dropping things with your right hand, not being able to tie your shoes or button a shirt.

3. Vision Changes.

Troublesome signs may include blurry vision, double vision, extreme sensitivity to light or discomfort with a lot of eye movement. A brain tumor may also knock out the fibers that connect the eyes to the back of the brain, causing a visual field cut — or black spots your vision

4. Seizures.

Not all seizures mean you have a tumor, but tumors can definitely cause seizures.

5. Confusion Or Mental Status Changes.

Families may notice subtle but distinctly abnormal changes in a person’s behavior: A loved one may leave the stove on when he/she would have never done that before, or he/she may get lost driving in a familiar neighborhood. Brain tumors can cause personality changes in patients, turning a loving spouse into an aggressive and argumentative stranger; or transforming a pillar of the family into someone who is disinterested and disengaged.