5 Foods To Avoid As You Grow Older

You may have already noticed that certain foods trouble you more than they used to. It’s smart to be thinking about this now. As you approach middle age, your risk of developing certain diseases also increases. Diet plays a huge part in the prevention of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

#1 Flavored Yogurt.

We often keep yogurt in the fridge as a healthy choice, but unfortunately the flavored varieties have a boatload of sugar in every serving – as much as 47 grams of it! That’s more added sugar than anyone should have in a whole day. Instead, buy plain or Greek yogurt and mix in fresh or dried fruit at home.

#2 Soy.

Here is another ingredient that is supposed to be healthy but in reality is no better than the meat you are trying to replace. For starters, soy is highly genetically modified, and we just don’t know the long term effects of that. In the short term, soy may spike inflammation in your body and potentially interfere with thyroid function. Another problem with soy has to do with its phytoestrogen, which mimics estrogen in the body.

#3 Farmed Fish.

Unfortunately, up to 70{7bffeda5342ac81ce8ce9597ed6eb91e7337560331e73e737396bca8e065c71f} of the fish you’ll find at your local market is farmed fish. But you really want to avoid it because farmed fish are so overcrowded that they eat each other’s feces. They are fed a diet full of antibiotics to compensate, as well as food dyed specifically to tint the meat in a way that makes it look healthy. If you have one in your town, the fresh fish market is always a better call for good seafood.

#4 White Bread.

The bleached white flour spikes your blood sugar and features almost none of the vitamins and minerals present in whole wheat. White bread also has less fiber than whole wheat, and trust us – you need more fiber as you age to keep your digestive system chugging along. And while we’re at it, bagels pose the same problem.

#5 Microwave Popcorn With Butter.

Keeping your brain active by continuing to learn new things and challenging yourself with games and puzzles is a great start. But diet also plays a part. One particularly damaging food for your brain is microwave popcorn. The fake butter that coats those kernels is full of trans fats, which negatively affect memory. The plastic-like coating inside the bag, used to keep the fake butter from seeping through, has also been linked to cancer.