14 Jobs You Never Knew Paid So Well

Garbage collectors in New York ($100k+)

Garbage collectors are responsible for collecting trash from the side of the road and from dumpsters, servicing both residential and commercial areas.  Typically an entry-level job, it requires little formal education. Statistics have shown that garbage collectors in metropolitan areas tend to earn higher wages than those working in non-metropolitan areas. This can be attributed mostly to the differences in the local cost of living.

A bathroom attendant in a fancy restaurant ($100+ per night)

The bathroom attendant maintains the cleanliness of the bathroom facilities. Additional responsibilities include turning on the tap and providing soap and towels.  Depending on the restaurant, you may find  an assortment of items available for purchase or for free at the attendant’s work station.  Items such as mintsperfume or colognemouthwashchewing gum and pain relievers.

A court reporter ($100k+)

People have forgotten that this profession exists, but it not only exists, it’s expanding.  A few years ago, there was a federal initiative to provide captioning services to hearing-impaired students. The pay for those jobs ranged from $35 an hour up into six figures. In San Francisco, for example, a court reporter earned roughly $100,000, plus benefits.  One requirement for a potential court reporter to be nationally certified, is the ability to type 225 words per minute as two voices speak.  This is a job to consider whether you’re a high school or college graduate or someone looking to start over. 

A closed caption broadcaster for the news (up to $72k)

This job is closely related  to court reporting. Those looking to  get onto a career in closed caption reporting should be focused, pay careful attention to detail and possess the aptitude to learn and implement new systems. Closed caption reporters are in high demand since it is a requirement  by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that almost every show or broadcast aired, include closed captioning.  An associate’s or bachelor’s degree with training in transcription, stenography or court reporting is the most common way to learn closed captioning skills. 

A mobile crane operator ($200k+)

A mobile crane operator is primarily responsible for operating a traveling crane, which lifts, moves, positions, and reposition loads.  Experienced crane operators, living in a bustling city that has a lot of high-rise construction projects, like New York City, could make a lot of money.  Depending on the job, this position may involve working indoors such as in a warehouse or outdoors, and the shifts will vary based on the employer’s needs. Travel to various job sites may be an additional job requirement. 

An aircraft dispatcher ($100k+)

The job of an aircraft dispatcher is very serious and important. These individuals are responsible for the safety of all aircraft entering and leaving the runway. The failure to do an attentive and precise job could see a collision that would cost the lives of persons and the aircraft. It is necessary that the dispatchers feel stress free and remain focus on the job at hand.

A boiler operator ($35+/hour)

A boiler operator receives quite a hefty pay check for his services. The boiler is a very serious piece of equipment and if not monitored for a length of time could cause an explosion due to the high pressure it creates. It is the responsibility of the operator to check the pressure at all times and be sure the boiler is working efficiently and safe. The operator must understand and read all the gauges and be vigilant with monitoring the boiler and its surroundings.

A funeral director ($75k+)

The funeral director is responsible for the procedure that is required when burying the loved one of a family and all that it intakes. The process can be long and also cause sorrow as the family comes to grip with the death of a friend or family member. Though the duty of the director is to carry out the wishes of the deceased family, the director also consults in any way that can benefit them. That person may find themselves being a counselor at times.

9 A technical writer ($100k+)

A technical writer is usually a person who is skilled in transferring information between different individuals or groups. The individual must be able to communicate using various writing forms that best suit the situation. The main task is to make complex material easier to read and understand. Some of the material a technical writer would produce are quick reference guides and instruction manuals among others.

10 An optician ($30+/hour)

An optician is someone who specialize in eye care. Most persons suffer from some type of eye deficiency at some point in their life. The optician would be the one to help correct any problems that may arise by looking for the cause or result of any issue with the eyes. In most cases it takes some form of eye care accessories like contacts or glasses to help manage the problem.

11 A dental hygienist ($48+/hour)

The dentist is the specialist when it comes to mouth health and care. Dentists do many operations when it comes to the mouth. These include extractions, cleaning, filling and other specialist surgeries to replace lost teeth. The dentist also do xrays to see what complications may be in the gums or jaw. You can also expect your dentist to give you some tips for proper hygiene and dental care.

12 An occupational therapist ($100k+)

An occupational therapist is someone who can make a person or even a company more productive in their role or roles. The same way that a person would receive physical training to improve the body and help it heal in principle the same goes for any work related issues. The therapist seeks to identify any weaknesses that may cause a person to come up short in their development. They then propose a way to bring change and improvement to the individual’s benefit.

13 A sign language interpreter ($35+/hour)

A language interpreter is a very necessary addition to many companies and Countries. There are multiple languages in the World and to combat a lack of communication among leaders and businesses, interpreters come to the fore. Breaking the language barrier however possible is accomplished by language interpreters who play the role of a communicator between languages. Not everyone has the ability to master so many languages so interpreters are greatly sought after.

14 Internal corporate IT ($100k+)

An internal corporate IT simply put is someone who is responsible for maintaining a healthy communication of a corporation via the internet and networking. Most corporations have large amounts of information to store and share. The easiest way to do this is by storage via computers. The IT makes sure that all information is readily available to employer. employees and clients if necessary. The person works only for that corporation and what he knows remains confidential.