12 Gadgets For Those Who Enjoy Cooking But Hate To Clean

1  An Angry Mama microwave cleaner

The angry mama microwave cleaner works by using steam to clean the inside of the microwave. All it takes is a vinegar/water solution and the heat creates a steam that makes cleaning the microwave much easier.

A 7-in-1 Instant Pot 

This pot comes very handy as it does the job it would take 7 conventional pots to do. The advantage is you don’t clean 7 separate pots, when the cooking is done one pot is all you clean.

7-in-1 Instant Pot

Some foods usually are cooked in excess water, which then require straining. This is easier to do if your pot has a strainer on the lid working as a 2 in 1 system. Less cleaning, less mess.

A multi-section pan

A multi-section pan is an awesome gadget to have in the kitchen. You not only save time cleaning by doing all of your foods in one go but you use less fuel. This is an great addition to any kitchen.

A whisk cleaner

If you find cleaning a whisk quite the task then we here is something that can rid you of your frustration. The device is a simple easy to use whisk cleaner.

A 3-in-1 pancake batter mixer

Pancakes taste great but cleaning after is also a great task at times. However with the 3 in 1 pancake batter mixer you only clean one thing, reducing the need to spend so much time cleaning up.

A small can colander

The small can colander is a strainer that is suitable for small jobs like straining tuna or other small can products. It can eliminate the extra cleaning that would come from pouring any the produce in extra containers to alleviate the liquid. The colander is very easy to clean.

A dish squeegee

The squeegee is excellent for cleaning food off most surfaces like dishes and kitchen counters. Removing food from dishes before washing is ideal, making cleaning much easier, same for counter tops.

9  A non-stick silicone mat

The non-stick silicone mat is a very versatile gadget. It can be used for baking various types of foods without causing them to stick to the surface. Limited mess and easy clean up.

10  Reusable non-stick oven liners

The non-stick oven liner is a great thing to have in your kitchen. It can save your oven nasty spills when baking. Most spills if not readily cleaned can bake into the material and also give off a burnt smell. Non-stick oven liners equals less cleaning.

11  A vegetable chopper

Cleaning knifes, chopping boards are other surfaces can be easily rectified with a vegetable chopper. This gadget can also be used on some fruits and makes cleaning a breeze.

12  A kale, chard, and herb stripper

Do you love to cook with herbs and eat various types of greens, but hate cleaning up? Then the stripper is your friend, it takes away much of the cleaning and is more effective in shredding the leaves for use.