10 Naughty Pets We Can’t Seem To Stay Mad At

1 This smug saboteur.

The smug saboteur is the type of pet that does mischief and then kind of gives you a half grin. Is it instinct or does this pet willfully do what he does to get under your skin?

This rambunctious rebel.

Are you familiar with the pet that is adorable but yet doesn’t like to obey commands? Well that could be your rambunctious rebel, sweet but very disobedient at times.

3  This toilet roll thief.

What is it with this one? For some reason they just love to take the roll of toilet paper. Once they have their first encounter it seems difficult to resist the urge to steal again and again.

This master of the surprise attack.

The instinct of some pets are hard to break and one such trait is the surprise attack. It may be you or another pet that gets it but these adorable pets can’t resist a good surprise attack.

5  This grumpy jailbird.

Some pets just hate closures around them. If you want to know if you have a grumpy jailbird, just place your pet in a cage or secure him safely in another way. You will know soon enough.

6  This cat who is definitely plotting something.

Do you own a cat? If you do have you ever seen it with one of these looks? Yup the cat definitely looks like its up to something, but what?

7  This little pup doesn’t understand the meaning of “sharing.”

Some pups just don’t understand what it means to share. The same could be said of the adults, but it is easier to teach the puppy. It really isn’t nice when the pet is selfish.

8  This TOTALLY innocent doggo.

Some pets really know how to hold a poker face. Guilt has no power over them despite the fact they are guilty, is your pet a innocent doggo?

9  This pup who may or may not be stuck.

This could be the case of the great pretender, but why? He looks stuck but could it just be a trick, should you go closer and check it out?

10  This dog who is totally not a secret villain late at night…

Some dogs can be sneaky while others just can’t make the cut. Some dogs are so clumsy or really just don’t care, making them not so good a villain at night!