10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls You Should See In Person

1. Plitvice (Croatia)

The whole area is bursting with ethereal waterfalls and shallow lakes, set against well-established forests full of mature and elegant trees.

2. Huangguoshu (China)

The waterfall is one of eighteen in the area, and is the largest waterfall in Asia, standing 74 metres high and spreading 84 metres wide. The Huangguoshu Fall looks remarkably different from the various viewpoints nearby, and there is even a large cave hidden behind the waterfall.

3. Gullfoss (Iceland)

Gullfoss means Golden Falls in Icelandic, and this is because much of the water flowing over the falls is glacial water, full of the sediments and earthly detritus picked up as the glacier carves its way along the ground.

4. Ban Gioc – Detian (Vietnam)

Ban Gioc and Detian Waterfalls are two close waterfalls on the Chinese-Vietnamese border. The waterfalls are so close, that they are often named as one waterfall, dropping the Detian from the name. In fact, in very wet summer the two waterfalls merge and flow as one immense cascade.

5. Blue Nile Falls (Ethiopia)

Ethiopia’s magnificent landscape forms a superb backdrop to the historic Blue Nile. While the falls used to change dramatically during the year, drying to the merest trickle in the dry season and swelling to bursting point during the rains, the flow of the water is more controlled and measured now, thanks to the regulation of Lake Tana (which lies upstream of the falls) and a hydro-electric plant that harnesses and controls the might of all that water.

6. Kaieteur (Guyana)

The tiny country of Guyana, squeezed atop Brazil and squashed by the neighbouring countries of Suriname and Venezuela, is home to the beautiful Kaieteur Waterfall. From the air it appears as though a giant has taken an enormous spoonful out of the flat spreading greenery of the jungle, leaving an immense depression, to which the river runs, almost dead straight, before plunging into the mysterious depths.

7. Angel Falls (Venezuela)

The tallest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls in Venezuela, looming some 979 meters above the earth. To put that into a bit of perspective, if you were to fall from the top of the falls, it would take you a lengthy ten seconds before you hit the ground.

8. Iguacu Falls (Argentina)

Poised between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, the Iguacu Falls are a dramatic sight, clearly portraying the eroding action of the water on the softer ground beneath. The falls are, rare in South American waterfalls and natural features, relatively easy to reach, and because of this and the unique look of the fall, Iguacu Falls has featured on many movies, television shows and even advertisements.

9. Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

Known locally as Mosi-au-Tunya or The Smoke That Thunders, Victoria Falls is neither the widest waterfall in the world, nor the tallest – but it is widely acknowledged to be the largest, based on its width of 1708 meters and a stated height of 108 meters and the formation that sees the world’s largest curtain or unbroken sheet of falling water.

10. Niagara Falls (USA/ Canada)

Acknowledged as one of the biggest attractions in both America and Canada, Niagara Falls is actually three falls in one. The three falls are named, Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls and Horseshoe Falls, from smallest to largest. More water flows over Niagara than over any other waterfall in the world, and it has long attracted dare-devils and risk-seekers of all kinds.