Illustration by Nick Page

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Children flocked into Waterstone’s in Canterbury to see Kent author Sonia Copeland Bloom unveil her latest new book - Woody the Woodlouse (who forgot how to roll into a ball).

Sonia, mother to acting duo Samantha and Orlando, signed copies of the new book and introduced the young visitors to her collection of stick insects, while entertainer Dave Lee was on hand to help out and provide some quick-fire quips.

Woody the Woodlouse is the second in a series of informative and insightful books about the insect world written by Sonia, in conjunction with the Amateur Entemological Society, designed to introduce children aged 4-7 to the wonders of the insect world.

Basil the Beetle’s Scary Adventure was published last year and Crystal the Small Miracle – a tale of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis – is due to be published by Butterfly Conservation in the Spring.

The books have already been welcomed by schools and Sonia is increasingly in demand to visit local primary schools to raise awareness in young children about the importance of mini-beasts, how to respect them and realise their value to us all.

Sonia said: “The world relies heavily on the wonderful work of insects and mini-beasts of every variety and humans should tolerate them and preserve their habitats in the natural world as far as possible.   If all insects were to disappear from the planet so would people!  Plants and crops would die out, causing the deaths of most of the world’s population.”

"It was so nice to see children losing their fear for mini-beasts. The children were fascinated by my  collection of exotic stick insects, cockroaches, snails and millipedes and beautiful leaf insects!

Dave Lee said: “It was wonderful to see the children's delight playing with the insects and Sonia's books doing a great job in opening children's eyes to the huge importance of mini-beasts in our world today.  I can’t wait for the rest of the series!”

Richard Hills, Manager of Waterstone’s, Rose Lane, Canterbury, said: “"As a graduate in Zoology, it gave me special pleasure to host the launch of Woody the Woodlouse at our shop.  Insects don't usually get a very good press and yet they are absolutely vital to our lives. Without Woody we would all be submerged in leaves!

“Sonia's new book will really help young children understand how fascinating insects are and we wish it every success."

Sonia’s tales are a carefully-chosen mix of fact and fiction, which encourage youngsters to go outdoors and get close to nature. Each tale is supplemented by important facts and tips about caring for insects as pets.

Both books are available from Waterstone’s throughout Kent, priced only £4.50, from the AES (, online from